Abortion Storytelling


Abortion Storytelling

Throughout history, people have shared their stories to understand the unknown. Words have power.


Real stories are important as we continue to fight for abortion access. Here are the stories that have been shared with us so far.

Reclaim Needs YOUR Story

The importance of human storytelling, and the impact it has on those who listen, is evident throughout the history of humankind. Stories create real, empathetic connections among groups of diverse peoples. They bridge gaps between people and ideas or concepts that maybe we did not understand before. When we hear someone tell a story about an experience they went through, we find that we can relate to the feelings coming through. We can identify with people- we develop empathy and see the humanness in someone else.

Storytelling is a superpower. It offers new perspectives, challenges prejudices, and influences the ways we think about issues.

The power of storytelling can be harnessed in our collective work to destigmatize abortion. Stigma is a negative and harmful belief created and perpetuated when there is a lack of understanding of an issue or behavior, and it leads to shame and isolation. In American culture false anti-abortion rhetoric has stigmatized abortion, and the people who choose abortion and those who choose to provide abortion. The particularly harmful language and the co-opting of words anti-abortion protestors hurl at people seeking abortions are disgusting.

We recognize that words have power.

Reclaim works to educate policymakers and communities about the realities of abortion access and care in SE Michigan and nationwide, and about who it is that seeks out this care. As anti-abortion policies are advanced by dangerous zealots and restrictions to abortion access are legalized, advocates across several fields have recognized the need for and the profound positive impact of sharing our stories- to release them from the closet of stigma and fear and support one another in making decisions that are best for ourselves, no matter what they are. When an abortion story is told- from the perspective of the person who had the abortion, or the person who supported them through their journey, or the clinic staff who helped them through their process, connections are made, gaps are bridged, and healing can begin.

1 in 4 pregnant people will have an abortion in their lifetime. Where are their voices? Why is abortion viewed as a shameful act when so many seek this service at some point in their life? Where are the stories of the loved ones who stood by their sides? For most people, having an abortion at some point in a lifetime paves the way for a better future, lets them be the best parent they can be to the children they already have, or allows them the ability to create the family or the life a person dreams of.

This is where Reclaim needs your help! To continue our abortion stigma-busting work, we need your stories. The world needs your stories. Did you have an abortion? Tell us about it. Maybe you supported your best friend or significant other through their pregnancy termination- we want to know about it. Did your grandmother tell you the story of her abortion? Maybe you work at an abortion clinic and want to share how this work has changed you. We want to hear and share!

Keep abortion accessible

Your donation can go towards Reclaim’s operating costs which supports our work, OR towards the MI WIN Abortion Fund- it’s your choice!

Share Your Story

Submit your story using the form below or by emailing info@reclaimproject.org. YOUR story is important. YOUR voice matters. Real stories are important as we continue to fight for abortion access. Politicians must know what abortion has done for the lives of pregnant people. These stories can be submitted anonymously if you prefer. We can only continue to bust stigma with your help. Share your story. Be the conversation starter we need to keep abortion legal and accessible!

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