Who we are


Who We Are


Reclaim grew from 40 years of dedicated abortion rights community building, advocacy work, and service provision in the state of Michigan. Renee Chelian has worked since 1971 to ensure access to abortion care. In 1976, she founded Northland Family Planning Centers, with a vision to create a health center that honors the strength and agency of pregnant people to know if, when and   to decide to start a family. She learned quickly that creating this kind of clinic would require decades of her strength and expertise to advocate in the state capital and the nation’s capital on behalf of patients. Reclaim, a non-profit organization, was launched to continue that work.


Our Mission

The mission of Reclaim is to fuel individuals and communities to Reclaim their dignity around, confidence in, and support of abortion and reproductive rights. Reclaim engages in advocacy and public education to provide accurate and thoughtful information on reproductive health in culture and society.


Our Vision

We envision a world in which we all have bodily autonomy and are free to express our reproductive health care views without consequence.

Our Core Values

  • We work courageously to challenge the stigma of abortion and protect reproductive rights.
  • We operate with integrity and are truthful in our communications.
  • We believe all people should feel empowered to trust and speak their inner voice, to feel their own power and their own value.
  • We are fueled by our passion for reproductive rights.

Our Team

Reclaim is proud of our hard-working Board of Directors. Between the 5 members, there is a combined 110+ years of working in abortion advocacy and care! We are always looking for new members to add to our voices and strengths. If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, see our Take Action page.

Join Us

Interested in becoming a part of the change? Learn about joining our Board, volunteering, and more!

Why is Our Work So Urgent?

The Michigan legislature continues to spend time and money on laws and policies that question an individual’s wisdom in making their own personal decisions about parenting. Each anti-abortion bill falsely assumes individuals and their families are incapable of decision-making and should not have the right to make their own decisions about what is best for them and those they love.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Rather than addressing the economic needs of our State, the crumbling roads, and failing education system, too many of our elected officials are focused on the personal life decisions of pregnant people! They continue to shame, to add barrier after barrier, to deny, restrict, harass, and persecute those trying to access abortion care and the caring doctors and staff who keep jumping through unnecessary hoops to provide quality abortion care.


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