Our Work

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Our Work


  • Assist public officials in translating legislative policies, laws, and proposed legislation to determine the real life consequences of restrictive abortion policies.
  • Actively support and encourage the passage of progressive, proactive legislation in Michigan that protects pregnant people's choices.
  • Educate elected officials and leaders in public service about the harm that unnecessary obstacles to reproductive rights has on individuals, their families, and communities.

Public Education & Engagement

  • Engage and partner with organizations and community groups to act on abortion rights and support organizations working on reproductive justice.
  • Host exciting and fun public education programs and events to combat the stigma around abortion.
  • Share truths of the abortion experience, clinics, and the communities they serve to challenge the cultural shame and promote the good work of abortion care staff and volunteers.

MI WIN Abortion Fund

  • Provide financial assistance to patients of any Northland Family Planning Center who need additional funds for their abortion, or assist with unanticipated costs that arise on or before their appointment day (medications, transportation, child care, etc.).
  • Southeast Michigan's ONLY abortion fund, made possible by the generosity of Reclaim Supporters.
  • Proud member of the National Network of Abortion Funds

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Your donation can go towards Reclaim’s operating costs which supports our work, OR towards the MI WIN Abortion Fund- it’s your choice!

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