Community Engagement


Community Engagement

Change starts in small, incremental shifts in society. We cannot do the work we do without you. Reclaim makes connections and builds relationships with the people in our friend group, our networks, our villages, and our communities through fun, exciting, and engaging events! Let’s talk, share, listen, learn, play games and have fun to lift our voices in community! Together, our voices will be heard and supported in our legislature and beyond! Reproductive Rights ARE Human Rights. Let’s connect and support each other.

Let’s Get Together!

Reclaim knows how to have a good time, and make sure our message is heard. Here are some of the fun, educational past events we’ve hosted or co-hosted!

Movie Screenings and Discussion:

The Secret History of Sex, Choice, and Catholics

HBO’s Abortion: Stories Women Tell

Birthright: A War Story

Social and Fundraising Events:

Partnering with Abortion Access Front for the “Vagical Mystery Tour” and private events in the Metro Detroit area

House Parties: Invite Reclaim over to discuss issues of abortion access and funding, and current legislative actions with you and a bunch of your friends! It’s a great way to learn about the real challenges abortion access is facing in our state, and how you can take real action

Roe Day Trivia Events

Celebrating legislative victories at social hours around Metro Detroit

Sign-making and protest marches- too many to count

Taco or Beer Fundraising Challenge- Drink beer, eat a taco and support abortion funding!

NNAF’s Bowl-a-Thon Fundraiser

NNAF’s Fund-a-Thon Fundraiser

And Reclaim’s fundraiser, Busting Stigma: A Burlesque Show!

Busting Stigma 1
Busting Stigma 2
Busting Stigma 3

In September 2019, Reclaim was able to host their FIRST ANNUAL FUNDRAISER, Busting Stigma: A Burlesque Show. Over 220 supporters flocked to Tangent Gallery and Hastings Street Ballroom in Detroit to see our brave storyteller, progressive vendors, intuitive tarot and palm readers, and phenomenally fabulous Burlesque performers! Reclaim SOLD OUT of raffle tickets and raised over $7,000 for our advocacy and education budget. Seven of the Midwest’s most talented Burlesque performers made the audience ohh and ahh (and a wolf whistle here and there, what can you say…) all in the name of busting the stigma surrounding abortion and abortion care.

Reclaim’s most favorite take-away from this event, though, was the stunning diversity of people who came out to support Reclaim’s mission. Reclaim was able to unite people from all different backgrounds. The sponsors included the Radical Well-Being Center, Sierra Club, and the Democratic Socialists of America (Detroit and Huron Valley branches). The Shimmy Shack food truck parked outside the doors and helped as a sponsor by donating their time and their food truck. Spotlight Houses, a local real estate agency, sponsored the 50/50 raffle. And photographer Heather Stern donated her talent and skills to photographing the event in stunning clarity. It was truly a night of magic, and a real-life display of the overwhelming support for abortion access across all demographic lines.

This list is a small sampling of our past events and programming, and we are excited to continue the conversation and fun with our communities in the future!

Join us to Reclaim our rights, our power, and our reproductive freedom!

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