Advocacy and Education


Advocacy And Education

The climate for abortion rights in Michigan is dismal, at best. While we have been successful in working with legislators to introduce some proactive legislation, we continue to be on the defense.

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Advocacy and Education

Polls and statistics repeatedly show that most Michiganders believe in the right to access abortion without unnecessary restrictions. While pro-active reproductive health legislation has been introduced in Michigan, the majority in the Michigan legislature does not believe in the right to access abortion. Because they control what committees hear testimony on, they refuse to schedule a hearing on these bills. However, they have been active in moving forward anti-abortion legislation that hinders access to abortion and even forces abortion providers to lie* to patients seeking abortion care. *For more information on how the state forces providers to lie to patients through the Informed Consent mandate, check out the work the Informed Consent Project is doing.

Reclaim has identified the fundamental need to protect the reproductive health decisions of individuals from the interference of legislative restrictions that are not science-based and do not advance safety, but, in fact, obstruct pregnant people from making personal decisions safely.

We are uniquely suited to a high level of advocacy work because of our founding officers’ long-standing history of and reputation for successful abortion rights advocacy and innovative abortion care.  The relationships that our founders have cultivated over the last 40+ years are invaluable, and position Reclaim to move this work forward quickly. We expand connections to continue advocacy work by offering local events and meetings to share information and listen to the concerns within our communities.

Through this work, Reclaim exposes the state of reproductive rights and health care in Michigan. We educate supporters, legislators, and the public on the dangers of legislation that impedes access to safe and legal abortion. We work to advance proactive legislation so that the rights and private decisions of Michigan families are protected and secured. Together with you, our communities, our partners, and coalitions, Reclaim will continue to increase awareness and support for legislation and policies that ACTUALLY improve and support the health of individuals and families.

Past Success

  • Successfully advocated to have every Michigan Democratic Congressperson sign on in support of the Women’s Health Protection Act
  • Annual discussions with medical students at Wayne State University about the state of abortion care in Michigan
  • Successfully executed a campaign where Reclaim volunteers and supporters made phone calls in opposition to the Michigan Right To Life license plate bill (which would have funded Crisis Pregnancy Centers); Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed the bill
  • Worked in collaboration with the Public Leadership Institute and other local organizations to create a package of proactive reproductive health bills that were introduced by champion legislators

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