The last couple of months have brought a lot of change for Reclaim, just like it has for everyone. Amid all that change, our focus has been on keeping up with the requests for abortion funding assistance. With your help, we have been able to do just that. We were also able to work on a project we started a long time ago- and it is finally time for the big reveal…

Reclaim is excited to announce our new logo, new tag line, and our new website design!

This project has truly been a labor of love. We began our re-design process before the new year, as part of Reclaim’s ongoing development and growth. The old logo and tag line stopped resonating with us. It felt misaligned. We wanted something that felt bold and energetic- that reflects the momentum we have to move our mission forward! This new logo design, and the tagline “Our Rights. Our Power. Our Reproductive Freedom” captures our evolution and the fire we feel about accomplishing all of our objectives.

Our goal with the website redesign is that we will be able to reach more people and easily share our mission and vision. The site is more user-friendly, looks great across devices, and captures the spirit of Reclaim. We love how vibrant and inviting it is. Check out the new pictures from our Busting Stigma event! We also have a permanent home to help you Take Action and let us know about your interest in becoming a volunteer or Board Member.

We would like to thank Rebuild for all their hard work and expertise on this project. We could not have done it without you. Literally.

How can you be involved in our launch? Share our new website on your social media with the hashtag #reclaimyourpower! Forward this email to your friends and encourage them to sign up for our newsletter.

What do you think of our new look? Let us know your thoughts!

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