We’re back and better than ever!

Well. It’s been quite the ride over the last few years, to say the least.

We’ve been busy. Really busy.

The writing had been on the wall for a few years. Sadly when RBG passed, many of us knew what was on the horizon. We were worried about exactly what was about to happen. Thankfully, we had been mobilizing and we were getting ready in the state of Michigan.

In 2021 we started working with the Center for Reproductive Rights, ACLU, Michigan Voices, and Planned Parenthood of Michigan on finalizing the proposal for Prop 3 to be added to the ballot. This would codify reproductive rights, including access to abortion, in the Constitution of Michigan. This was the first citizen-initiated constitutional amendment for reproductive rights in the country!

As you likely know, Roe vs. Wade was overturned on June 24, 2022. We wept, we mourned, and then we hit the ground running. Our fire was lit, and we were ready to go. We joined the Reproductive Freedom for All ballot committee, helped to gather 753,759 signatures for the constitutional amendment, the most ever gathered for a ballot measure in state history, and more than enough for it to be placed on the 2022 ballot!

We educated, we spoke, we connected – with others in the abortion movement, with those seeking abortion care, with voters, with legislators – we were even asked to participate in numerous reproductive rights round tables with both Governor Whitmer and recently, even Vice President Kamala Harris!

Prop 3 passed in an astounding success – it was approved with 56.66% of the vote. Clearly, however, our work hasn’t been done. Our neighboring states have far more restrictive laws, meaning more and more people are traveling to Michigan for abortion care. This translates to more and more people needing the support that Reclaim provides!

In May of 2023, our founder, Renee Chelian won the Christopher Tietze Humanitarian Award for her lifetime of achievements from the National Abortion Federation. We couldn’t be prouder.

Later that year, we helped advocate to repeal the antiquated TRAP laws in Michigan which placed unnecessary barriers on abortion clinics statewide.

We continue to fight on a daily basis to continue to support abortion care and access in our community and can only do so thanks to the amazingly generous support of you! We are thankful to be a part of the National Network of Abortion Funds and have needed all allocation to be able to provide the care and support we do.

We are happy to be here still fighting the good fight. Thanks for standing by us and supporting us all these years!!!

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