Erasing History… Your Comments Are Needed!

I remember the day one of my close friends (a woman of color) said, “History is written by the ‘winners’.”  She spoke this as I was learning about the boarding schools Native Americans were sent to in the late 19th century to mid 20th century in order to make them assimilate to the new Euro-American culture. Children were taken from their parents and communities, stripped of their identities, required to speak a foreign language, and many more atrocities occurred that attempted to dismantle Native culture in America. This was not the history of Native Americans I remember learning in school. I was never the one to question a textbook in high school, but as I entered college, I was disgusted by the real history my primary school education had glossed over. White history is required in grades K-12. History surrounding the rights of minorities (civil, racial, women, LGBTQ) are electives in higher education.

These historical disparities could potentially veer further from the truth in Michigan schools in the near future. New proposed social studies standards would remove references to gay rights, Roe v. Wade, and climate change. Also, they would essentially erase any material surrounding the KKK and NAACP. They would also like to remove the word “democratic” from Core Democratic Values because they claim it is bipartisan… America is (supposed to be) a DEMOCRACY! This must be the twilight zone.

Is anyone else flashing back to when Trump took office and the White House website removed pages regarding similar topics? If we do not teach our children the true history of America, and allow discussion of these important topics, the worst of history will surely repeat itself.  We cannot stand for this white-washing and conservative revision of American History.

Public feedback hearings are being held (See this article for dates & locations). If you cannot make it to the hearings, be sure to leave your comments online here! The vote will take place on June 20, 2018, so get your comments in ASAP!

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