Anonymous, 26

I had an abortion when I was 26. I was working and attending college. I had a boyfriend who was a supportive and a decent person. Yet, I wasn’t interested in him becoming the father of my future children, nor was I ready to become a mother. While I was aware of the profound responsibility of this pregnancy, the idea of becoming a mother and raising the child, at this time was inconceivable.

He came with me to the clinic, I was counseled on my option and the abortion was done safely. My recovery was normal. I had a friend who had gone to a less reputable doctor years earlier, had had severe complications and was subsequently unable to have children. In addition, my grandmother had suffered and nearly died after a botched abortion, resulting in my mother having to witness and suffer the after affects of poorly executed medical procedures on women who must make very difficult choices and live with the results of their decisions, either choice they make.

These events have generational as well as lifelong impact. While I was as fortunate as one could be, I was and continue to remain avidly pro- choice and will fight for safe conditions for abortions for women.

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