Lady Parts Justice League Takes on the D!

On Friday, July 7th, Lady Parts Justice League arrived in Detroit with their 15-passenger van, packed with comedians/activists, and a passion for helping independent abortion providers. They spent FOUR DAYS with our staff getting dirty, making us laugh, and raising awareness of the needs of Northland Family Planning. During this trip, they were able to get over 100 people signed up to volunteer with our cause!

On Saturday morning, LPJL arrived bright and early to begin their beautification of our Westland office’s outdoor patio! They transformed a cement slab with a chained down picnic table to an area for staff to enjoy on their breaks! They continued their service by slapping on escort vests to ensure patients coming in and leaving from the clinic felt safe from our Saturday Protesters.

Sunday, LPJL, clinic staff, and pro-choice supporters gathered at The Magic Bag in Ferndale, MI for The Vagical Mystery Tour comedy show. They shared the injustices of restrictions on abortion through their hilarious videos, split our sides with laughter, and held a talk back panel with representatives from Northland Family Planning & In This Together Project!

On Monday, LPJL visited the Northland Family Planning locations in Southfield and Sterling Heights to bring the staff snacks and show their appreciation for the work they do!

Tuesday, a BBQ was held in their honor in a supporter’s home! This gave us a chance to talk to others interested in reproductive and abortion rights as well as talk about the work that we do in the community. Many attendees were interested in joining our escort crew and we are excited to utilize our volunteer list to improve our work!

Here’s what some of our staff and escorts had to say about their visit!

“Lady Parts Justice League came to beautify our work parking lot and help show the anti-abortion protestors we are not going be ashamed, we won’t stand down, and we won’t stop fighting for women and their choices. Thank you for visiting and letting us be a part of your amazing journey for reproductive rights!” Kim Baber, Medical Coordinator, Northland Family Planning.

“I identify as a feminist.  I identify as an activist.  I identify as a woman and a warrior for choice.  My conversations often include abortion, vaginas, sexuality, rape culture, and the war on women as a whole.  These things tend to make one a bit of a social pariah, not fully understanding where the rest of the world is in the fight that is SO important.  Gathering in amidst my comrades in struggle, those that share this fight, and supporters of choice, bodily agency, and having full charge of ones decisions regarding their bodies, what can I say?  It was magical.  The importance of showing up for this fight, giving when you can, supporting independent clinics, supporting choice and getting out on the front line to protect our providers, staff and patients, is how and why people like myself keep going.  This is exhausting work, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Nights like yesterday, seeing all of the support we had behind us, ready to mobilize, wanting to do whatever they could, it replenishes any spiritual or emotional deficit and surpasses the “fill line” 10 times over.  It reminds me personally, that what do and what I believe in, is not in vain.  I am not alone!” – Jessica Gird, EMT, CAC & Founder of In This Together Project

“I am so humbled and star struck from the last four days. Not only have I gotten to know these amazing souls personally, but I had the pleasure of being surrounded and supported by LPJL! Some truly amazing and beautiful people. So brave and so awesome. The support and friendships formed within this career and these last few days remind me of why we do what we do and why it’s important to keep fighting. I love all my coworkers and all the support we give each other. I cannot tell them all how much they have helped me and how much this support means. Thank you.” Morgan Smith, Special Care Coordinator, Northland Family Planning

“LPJL came through like a breath of fresh air. Because we are often faced with hate, we forget that the majority of the public supports our work! I couldn’t believe someone would open their home to a hundred people in order to raise money and awareness for the needs of independent providers! LPJL showed us that organizations have love for providers, but the generosity of our hosts at the BBQ proved that everyday people support a woman’s right to choose! Thank you so much!” — Jordan Wyer, MSW, Development & Outreach Coordinator, Reclaim


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