Reclaim Needs to Hear from You! Share Your Story!

Starting this Saturday, Reclaim will be sharing one abortion story every week from the women who’ve had abortions, the individuals who have supported them and the providers who continue to care for them.

It has been said that it is impossible to hate someone once you know their story.

So, with these stories, Reclaim hopes to start facilitating change around conversations on abortion while busting stigma around this sensitive (often taboo) topic by hearing from those with first-hand experience. We know that women have to jump through hoops to access abortion healthcare in Michigan and across the country. Politicians responsible for restrictive abortion legislation respond to personal stories. Your input can help women across Michigan! Once this initial story collection grows, Reclaim will focus their political advocacy and future community education events on these stories.

We want to know what your experience with abortion was like and what it SHOULD be like! We want to hear from the women who experienced abortion first hand, the family members and friends who love them, and the abortion advocates on the front lines everyday.

Without the voices of advocates like you, we will continue to see restrictive legislation chip away at the rights of women. Do your part to make change!

Share you story HERE!

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